The secret of the success of entrepreneurial genius nearman

What is the best way for us to find

in the course of one’s life? In the road of entrepreneurship, in the end what kind of secret of success? Following on from the American Blue Airlines business days for us to share his two nearman experience. Most American Blue Sky Airlines is the 9.11 after the first successful application of the listing of the aviation industry, the market value of $147 million.

1 do your own favorite things: so, you will refuse to be cowed or submit to what.

2 continue to try out a framework for thinking things: do not accept the traditional concept, should try the new perspective.

3 as the best competitors in the industry: a study of continuous absorption side of the object of study.

4 ready to move forward: not only see a temporary setback, in fact, this is just the beginning of the end of a chapter and another new chapter. Should embrace their own not always come across well in fact, whether the things big and small.

Trap 5

6 must have sufficient funds with sufficient cash backing, encountered an unexpected condition and is not afraid of.

7 take care of your employees for any cause, ultimately depends on staff performance. To allow employees to see your commitment to take care of their behavior, to make every effort to create a happy working environment, employees will automatically improve productivity.

8 respect your customers: always wanted to give them the best service. To ensure that every interaction between the customer and the company, strengthen the benefits you get from them. As long as more than half of the business from everyone’s word of mouth, that you do right.

9 early admit mistakes, but don’t let them affect your progress. In the pursuit of perfection, the real world is always not satisfactory. For the fact that they will make mistakes, the more open attitude is more conducive to growth.

10 details: note that all the small details, these small details may affect the general process of consumption of customers, so that they have a memorable experience of consumption.

11 carefully control costs: do not always frugal, extravagance and waste, do anything reasonable, minimize operating costs.


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