Necessary from the Taobao incident to the Taobao shop conditions because skyrocketing two of the cost to the seller recently caused a lot of riots, Taobao network data show that in 570 thousand the shop owners, of which 18 to 22 year old young boss more than 60 thousand people, accounting for ten point five percent of the Because the shop started less money, low cost of entrepreneurship, fast trading and other features, is attracting more and more graduates and college graduates engaged in open shop entrepreneurial projects.

Three Taobao shop for

A, supply shop:

The stability and quality of

two, shop turnover:

as to sell, there are a lot of supply channels are free agents, single delivery, or customers to buy goods in the shop, and after the payment, you can get the money to sell personnel agents place orders, agents in accordance with the address you provide, the goods will be sent directly to your customers, and then shop dealers in the balance of profits, can be said to be zero cost.

three, promotional techniques:

During the


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