Valentine’s day in 2012 to sell what the most profitable

next Tuesday is the 2.14 Valentine’s day, a lot of people want to make a good Valentine’s day, Valentine’s day, then a short time, just one day, exactly what to sell? Valentine’s day to sell what the most profitable?

to make money!


Valentine Chocolate is essential, market chocolate is really a superb collection of beautiful things, such as Cadbury, Dove, Jin Sha, are both eating and appropriate gifts. Valentine’s day with chocolate can make people feel happy.

in chilly day, this is a very thoughtful gift, according to the type of clothes daily girlfriend or her love color, fabric texture, choose one of the most beautiful the most suitable scarf, Valentine’s day night, gently surrounded her, let her smile tell you she was so diffuse warm.

"spark" in Korean game Luo Renzai gave Shennara a doll, is this lovely doll nod. It is only the size of an egg, will be pulled below the insulating magnetic stripe doll, then click the button on the back of the doll, doll to speak it nodded or shook his head in response to you, as if someone is talking to you. If she was afraid of loneliness, send a nod to the doll.

The appearance design of

appearance as a card, the thickness of only 3 mm, by a simple operation can be completed and shaving, assembly and disassembly is simple, do not have the time as bank card is placed into the wallet, and will not take up too much space wallet.

"Westward Journey" of this nonsense yet touching story.

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