Milk tea to join the brand which is good

why is there a lot of catering investors are more inclined to have a certain degree of popularity of milk tea to join the project? Throughout the food and beverage market can quickly get the answer, because milk tea market demand, and milk tea to join the project investment cost is low, back to the fast, the latter is also a great income. So more and more tea shop around us. Then so many tea shops, choose which brand is better? Small tea are strongly recommended.

milk tea to join the brand which good? How can milk tea?

brand strength

"CoCo" tea can be founded in 1997, is a three, across Europe, and Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries, with international vision to establish a brand, now has more than 1600 stores worldwide chain group. With a comprehensive innovation and provide consumers with the best drink for the target. After 10 years of development, has been stationed in various famous landmarks, from Taiwan to the WTO, Shanghai shopping mall, Shanghai people’s Square, Hongkong, Singapore to the central station of New York District, Bangkok, Thailand and Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Jakarta Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Fort Johannes, South africa… Etc.. By "CoCo" are tea contribution in popular drinks field of sincerity, enthusiasm, spirit of service, ceaseless innovation and development of the concept of international vision, laid the "CoCo all" tea business foundation of sustainable development, and together with the trend of the times, innovation, growth of


quality tea more popular

CoCo can drink tea about quality, not simple! In fruit juice, direct send; Q bomb pearl, Taiwan imported tea juice; now, keep in taste; Olay series, pure milk modulation; quality inspection qualified, safe drinking. Classic mellow tea pudding, Pearl QQ collocation and fresh grass, drink more diverse and rich, delicious drinks taste you


training support

headquarters support

education and training, business assessment, works arrangement, product development, operations, marketing strategy, assist purchasing logistics… Etc..

education and training about 2~3 months (the main operator and deputy, a total of 2)

said so much, that this brand is to join a very good choice, better than other brands, brand strength, a good brand is to join


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