The five most promising entrepreneurial directions in the O2O field

is now a relatively hot business period, every aspect of our life and mobile Internet are tied up, at the same time, there are a lot of people by means of mobile Internet has reached the goal of getting rich, so, what are the ways of entrepreneurship O2O.

1,   buy transition

2,   classification information transformation

recently Fan Ye have appeared in the Ganji advertisement, Yang Mi still feel very magical 58. At present, the Chinese Internet in particular, there is still a lot of space to O2O enclosure, and you do not enclosure, others even your land is a circle. To survive in the cracks, need to embrace change. Classification of the current advertising slogan are looking for a job, a period of time to rent a house, do takeaway, have tried. O2O classified information, the biggest problem is that it is the common platform for the release of information, do not have to own the intermediary, do vertical intermediary is equivalent to opening a new company, if not good will capsize.

3,   eat take out and hit


4,   free WIFI O2O strategy

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