Fur garment industry oversupply difficult to break through the need to work hard

movie "the times" at the box office, constantly refresh the record, it can be said that this is a youth drama, you can also say that it is a luxury fashion guide in Gu wore the fur is very valuable, attracted many young people to buy.

China for the fur industry, 2005 is a watershed. From the beginning of the year, China manufacturing Fur became dominated by domestic from export-oriented.

however, since 2013 since the beginning of winter, the fur market fur raw material prices fell to a sudden change in the situation.

IFTF Chinese media director Zhu Xiaolin told reporters: "warm winter climate conditions is only one factor affecting the fur market. 2011 from the market point of view, since the price of mink has been running at a high level, before the price increases too much, beyond the industry expected. At the beginning of 2013, fur prices rose quickly, each part of the seller to drive up prices, another part of the seller will cover the goods sell, resulting in early 2014 fur prices retaliatory fall. In addition, in the process of production, see farming profits high recommendation

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