ndoor children’s paradise facilities how to configure Read four questions

children’s Park project rapid development, many investors fought the influx of market expansion continues to expand. For investors, want to invest in indoor children’s paradise, you have to know the equipment configuration. So what exactly is the indoor children’s paradise? There are four major issues that need to be made clear.

1. characteristics of potential consumers in your area. What about population density? Consumption level is high or low? What is the concept of education for children and children? What are the number of children?

2. your business situation. Is the choice of shopping malls, parks or other places? How many devices can be configured by the size of the place? Which devices are restricted by the site and which devices are common in the area?

3. your business philosophy. For the main 0~6 years old, or 6~12 years old? Is pure entertainment or edutainment? Pay attention to the child’s visual tactile feeling or pay attention to the child’s muscle movement?

4. your profit model. Is it a ticket or membership? Is there a mode of charging by frequency?

the clear to consider several issues above, investors in the configuration on the indoor children’s playground for direction, also know how to set the pattern of the children’s park. After the completion of the configuration facilities, investors have to do is to ensure the quality of service, multi pronged approach to firmly lock the market demand for children’s play!

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