Wang Jianjun Xining delegation to participate in the joint review

1 15 afternoon, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun in the Xining delegation to participate in the joint deliberations stressed that the general secretary Xi Jinping put the "four major" down-to-earth "requirements, implementation of provincial Party committee plenary session decision to deploy four change", to create a green development model city, the construction of happy Xining in practice, further strengthening of Xining Province, the province’s development services, play a leading role in the "locomotive".

Xining delegation to discuss the atmosphere lively, warm speech. 11 Zhang Xiaorong, Bao Wuzhang, Li Yuming, Li Xiaoge, Lin Chenglong, Wei Chengyu, Wong Kok Ghan, Zhao Ningjun, Zhao Yilin, Zhang Jianguo, in and around the transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of county economy, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, education and health reform after the first speech. Wang Jianjun while listening to the record, with representatives in-depth discussion.

listened carefully to the deputies, Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the achievements of economic and social development in Xining over the past year. He pointed out that over the past year, the main economic indicators of growth among the forefront of the capital city of Xining City, the economy will continue to maintain a good momentum of steady and healthy development, improving people’s livelihood, city construction, deepening reform, expanding opening up has made new achievements, create a lot of new highlights, get a lot of new honor, this is achieved in the leadership of the municipal Party committee with Comrade Wang Xiao as the monitor, the city is under the hard struggle of the results, not easily won achievement. Wang Jianjun stressed that Xining has the pivotal status in the province’s economic and social development, to keep pace with the times in accordance with the municipal Party committee proposed to build the green development model city, the construction of happy Xining overall goal, to look forward to walk out of a new world. He stressed that Xining should take the lead in the development of excellence, stimulate the vitality of reform, increase the momentum of development, the advantages of thick planting development, contribute more to the development of the province. To protect the livelihood of the people to compete for the best, the practice of the people as the center of the development of ideas, to provide more and better public services, better benefit the people of all ethnic groups in the province. In ecological chuangxianzhengyou, Xining’s future potential, value and responsibility in the construction of ecological city, ecological Forest Park, governance grasp the atmosphere and water environment, make Xining the sky bluer, the water is more green, more fresh air, the spirit is more comfortable.

Wang Jianjun said that Xining is the people of the province of Xining. Xining will continue to support the development of the province, and vigorously promote the provinces and cities to build the province’s service to the province, the benefit of the people of all ethnic groups in Xining to do a good job.


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