The police destroyed a large theft gang involving up to 20 million yuan

news recently in Qinghai, the Yellow River Road West of Xining City Public Security Bureau police according to the clues, destroyed a youth oriented large theft gang, arresting 12 suspects, involving up to 20 million yuan, has recovered the stolen money is worth more than 27 thousand yuan.

at the beginning of April, Xining City Public Security Bureau police station the Yellow River police squadron of police through the clues that a group of young people often wantonly in the urban area of Xining City, the implementation of theft, especially the west two areas, they mainly in residential buildings, supermarkets, shops and their families in mobile phone parked motorcycle theft object. Many people suffer. According to the clues, the police immediately mobilized police, carry out investigation work, through several days of continuous investigation learned to Ding led the gang has a membership of more than twenty people, since 2006 together, mutual coordination, organization, division of labor, brazenly committing more than.

, April 7th at 2 pm, the Yellow River Road police station police squadron of police in the city area of a house, the gang of criminals arrested Ding Ding, according to the account, the police in Nanchuan area will be 11 other members of the gang have arrested.

police learned during the trial, criminal gangs involved before and after nearly fifty, involving a total value of 20 million yuan. These teenagers committing crimes is mainly caused by the family, in these young people, some family, some parents divorced, and the lack of discipline, lack of good education, most people most finished junior high school without reading, were removed from society. The causes of their crimes are mostly for the purchase of high-end mobile phones, access to high-end restaurants, Internet cafes, playing video games, etc..

in view of this situation, the Yellow River Road police station police squadron in the handling process, in the fight against juvenile crime at the same time, patiently and carefully explain for young offenders "criminal law" and "criminal law" and other relevant legal knowledge and the importance of law-abiding.

police about the juvenile crime personnel move, reason, illegal and harmful to society so that these young people understand their behavior, so that they can enhance their confidence to remove the evil and follow the good inner good side, they wake up. Currently, the 12 suspects, in addition to Ding and other people have been under criminal detention according to law, the other 6 people under the age of criminal responsibility for the age of parents to pay attention to. (author: he arrow)


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