The provincial SASAC held a news conference the deeds of Comrade Yin Lei Comrade Yin Lei posthumousl

  in July 1st, the Qinghai provincial government of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission Party committee held a press conference the deeds of Comrade Yin Lei, comrade Yin Lei posthumously awarded the "outstanding communist party member" and "excellent discipline inspection and supervision of cadres" honorary title. Provincial SASAC Party committee called on the province’s state-owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises in the province of all Communist Party members to Comrade Yin Lei as an example, to promote the province’s two study one to do the study and education continue to move forward.


conference, the provincial SASAC Party committee of the relevant person in charge of the Western Mining Group Tibet ERON copper Commission Secretary Yin Lei was on duty, deeds. Comrade Yin Lei is an outstanding representative of Party members and leading cadres in the new era, is a pioneer model of state-owned enterprises discipline inspection cadres, is to carry out the "two studies and one to do" learning and education of the excellent model. In 30 years, he insisted on carry forward the struggle of the spirit of the plateau and excellence of the artisan spirit, always adhere to the line of production, diligent, hard working, writing a chapter of your life capable of evoking praises and tears. Provincial SASAC Party committee requirements, the state-owned enterprises to quickly set off a party committee to study the upsurge of Comrade Yin Lei, and effectively enhance the relevance and effectiveness of learning activities. Comrade Yin Lei learning activities and implement the spirit of the speech series general secretary Xi Jinping, implement the provincial government’s major decisions and plans together, combined with the deepening of reform of state-owned enterprises and the supply side structural reform, and the focus of the current work together, conscientiously carry out activities related to Comrade Yin Lei learning.

Western Mining Group Limited company Party committee relevant responsible person said that the company will be in accordance with the overall deployment of the provincial SASAC Party committee, to further establish and publicize the deeds of Comrade Yin Lei report group, leading Party cadres to play a good exemplary and typical driving and leading role, to better carry out the "two a" learning education.

the same day, the provincial SASAC Party committee, the Western Mining Group Co., Ltd., also visited the leaders of condolences to the relatives of Comrade Yin Lei, conveyed the provincial Party committee and provincial government’s cordial greetings to the family of Comrade Yin Lei.


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