Xining won the 2012 Kunlun summer China summer tourist city fifth

recently, "2012 summer tourist city Chinese list released, Xining won the 2012 Kunlun summer summer tourist city China fifth.

Xining is located in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau Hehuang Valley, is the capital of Qinghai province. The average elevation of 2261 meters, the average summer temperature of 17 – 19 DEG C, there are numerous streams, valleys and forests, meadows, scenic Forest Park, showcasing the snow capped mountains, valleys, grasslands and Qifeng, Danxia landform charm. In Xining, can enjoy the experience of "people go up, from the cool summer" comfortable. Special geographical location and altitude, given Xining winter without cold, summer without heat of the unique climatic conditions. "Spring flowers, summer green, cool autumn air, snow Yang" is a true portrayal of the climate in Xining. Every summer, all over the country are intolerable heat, heat waves rolling, Xining is cool and pleasant, no hot phase forced, the whole country are hot, Xining alone cool, become a natural tourist summer resort.

it is understood that the "summer tourist city Chinese list" is jointly selected by the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, Chinese Institute of city competitiveness, Chinese society of land economics research center, national economic development Chinese city travel magazine agency. Selected in 2012 ten China summer tourist city ": Guiyang City, Kunming City, Harbin City, Qingdao City, Xining City, Lijiang City, Liupanshui City, Chengde City, Yuxi City, the new town as the representative of the group of Hongxinglong reclamation area of Heilongjiang.



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