Xining municipal Party Committee inspection team to Datong County the town of inspection and guidan

8 month 27 days, the municipal inspection group of 4 people who accompanied in the county committee, ministers of the Organization Department of the county committee, comrade Zhou Haichun, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of Comrade Li Luye and Comrade Gong Facheng, the mayor of Qiaotou town Qiaotou town people down North community to inspect and guide a new round of "carry out grassroots organization building activities.

inspection team and his party by listening to reports, seminars and other means of communication, a detailed understanding of the bridge town Party committee, the North Branch of the community party a new round of grassroots organization building activities. At the same time, this paper probes into the problems of how to manage the party members and how to play a role in the grid.

by listening to reports, discussion exchanges, inspection teams on the town Party committee, community party branch of a new round of grassroots organizations to carry out activities carried out fully affirmed. That the Party Committee attaches great importance to effective measures, effective.

finally, the inspection group pointed out the need to actively thinking about how to play the role of Party Construction in social management innovation, innovation, innovation of Party members to how such issues are needed in the future exploration and Thinking on the problem in the work. At the same time, give play to the role of community grid, establish the concept of meticulous work, do fine work, maintain social stability.


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