10 days of the province’s traffic police investigated and dealt with drunk driving road violations f

News from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps, from September 18th to 27, the province’s traffic police department to carry out centralized regulation drunk driving, drug driving unified action. During the operation, the police were deployed 8070 people, set the check point 698, check the vehicle 66569 times, total and highway violations since 226, drunk driving behavior since 114, 7431 people driving investigation.

for the fifth wave focused remediation drunk driving and drug driving, highway traffic order unified action to achieve tangible results, local police departments to strengthen coordination and collaboration of public security criminal investigation, narcotics, traffic transport, highways department, make full use of the comprehensive application platform of public security traffic management and the dynamic control of drug users system and other information systems, in this area the driver of a drug investigation focused, record the behavior of the driver, so the situation is clear, clear base. For the implementation of community drug rehabilitation, compulsory isolation drug rehabilitation, community rehabilitation measures, or long-term use of dependence on psychotropic drugs addiction has not been given up by the driver, are legally canceled their driving qualifications. For large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles and taxi drivers have a record of drug use, and immediately notify the road transport management agencies and transport enterprises, the proposed adjustment of jobs.

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