North District efforts to increase efforts to promote the demolition

to do the demolition work, so that the masses to understand the demolition, with the demolition, support for demolition, the city of north to highlight the focus of efforts to increase publicity efforts to do a good job to create a relocation of public opinion atmosphere. One is to change the form, improve the pertinence of propaganda work. Will the water into the city planning making slide show great significance to the villagers, the villagers in the form of intuitive profound understanding of city construction, demolition, demolition work to promote the smooth development and lay a solid foundation. Two is rich in content, to create a strong atmosphere. The use of presentations, panels, promotional vehicles, and other forms of publicity column, the relevant policies and regulations of the demolition work plan, and significance to the masses in-depth extensive publicity, so that people understand and support the demolition demolition work, and create a strong "building and demolition" atmosphere. Three is to strengthen measures to enhance the effectiveness of propaganda work. The timely removal notice posted, and issued the "Beichuan River in Xining city to the masses (core) approved" comprehensive control project construction land requisition compensation and resettlement plan, the demolition of the masses timely understanding of resettlement compensation policy, efforts will be taken publicity work to do, do fine, to ensure the smooth progress of demolition work.


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