Entrepreneurs on behalf of members about 13th Five Year

two sessions are being held in the city, as an important group of representatives of entrepreneurs to participate in politics, to attract the attention of the people! They come from different industries and fields, in this important stage to the development plan of Xining on their voices and suggestions, has become one of the important window for the economic development of Xining; their focus is focusing on the current social hot spots, profound interpretation of their love of this land, for the growth and development of the Xining dedicated to duty feelings. In their topic, industrial transformation and upgrading, Small and micro businesses, the development of College Students’ employment, ecological protection and construction, people’s livelihood improvement and other hot spots are frequent, they combine their professional point of view of the industry, put forward the solution, the new concept of transfer. Let the evening news reporter take you into the two sessions, listen to the voices of entrepreneurs.

CPPCC member Li Xiuye

confidence hundredfold: let enterprises out of Qinghai


] gold Baichuan entrepreneur name card shoe chairman

[members to talk about feelings] after listening to the mayor of Zhang Xiaorong’s government work report, the biggest feeling is that this year’s government work report of human nature. Recalling the changes during the 12th Five-Year Xining, the deepest feelings of government work report, the biggest bright spot in three areas. First, the main economic indicators in the forefront of the provincial capital cities. Xining, as a relatively backward city in the country, can have such achievements are hard won, the results show that the government’s work is solid and effective. Two of the expenditure is more than 80% of the people’s livelihood, this shows that the government is doing things for the people, benefit people’s livelihood of the good government, there is such a good government, private entrepreneurs is also a good thing. Three is the first time the development of the third industry more than second industries, which indicates that Xining has been a new level of economic development across the country. In the context of the downward pressure on the economy, the government work report in another bright spot, especially for entrepreneurs from private entrepreneurs in Xining is very encouraged. Entrepreneurs will continue to work hard to do solid work, so that enterprises out of Qinghai, Qinghai’s development to make its own contribution.

[13th Five-Year] talk about gold Baichuan shoes after more than ten years of endeavor and precipitation, regardless of the business model or management mode to a new level. Now the gold Baichuan shoes, sound management, commodity rich and perfect quality system. "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, gold Baichuan shoes more determined their future development plan, that is to let Jin Baichuan shoe out of the northwest, national chain. In this regard, gold Baichuan shoes will accelerate the pace and improve the distribution efficiency. For the short-term store outlets covering the administrative divisions above Qinghai, Gansu, county, and allow enterprises to every employee has more room to develop good and higher income. In the chain of vision, let the people enjoy the goods and services of high quality and inexpensive shoes Baichuan gold and make it become the first choice!

CPPCC member Wang Xueli

entrepreneurial innovation: let youth shine in Xining

The general manager of

[] name card entrepreneur Xining Zhaowei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

[members talk about feelings;

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