Bus drivers courageous recognition

In November 4th, a reporter from the Xining public transport Refco Group Ltd was informed that for the 80 bus driver Liu Yang, regardless of personal danger self sacrificing behavior, the company decided to Liu Yang awarded the courageous hero employees "the honorary title, and called on the group, all the drivers to learn from Liu Yang.It is reported that

the deeds of Liu Yang by the Xining Evening News reported, immediately inside the bus company caused a heated debate. For the deeds of Liu Yang, giving recognition regardless of personal danger to Liu Yang, the company decided to honor throughout the company bulletin, and awarded Liu Yang courageous hero employees "honor and cash rewards in accordance with the relevant provisions. At the same time, Xining bus driver called the Refco Group Ltd to Liu Yang as an example, learning his courage, fought the thief’s spirit and self sacrifice, regardless of personal danger of noble character, to promote the Xining public civilization construction, construction of "green Xining" to make greater contributions.  

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