Comprehensive development of urban and rural integration of the village

development of the integration of urban and rural is an important strategic decision of the party and the country, is an important starting point to solve the "three rural" problem fundamentally, in the new period and new situation of agriculture, rural areas and farmers appear, superiors to size up the situation, adjust the way of thinking, its purpose is to stand in the overall economic and social development level of urban and rural integration the development of "village to the city, to promote agriculture, in" Da Bao Zi Zhen Yan village, the first demonstration for the integration of urban and rural areas, suburban areas break a new path.
village appearance Renovation: to make clear refuse, sludge, obstacles and lighting, greening, landscaping, to reach the village clean and tidy environment, roads, lighting and other functions, the basic requirements of standardized management. The specific contents include painting the walls on both sides of the village road, 3018.5 square meters of plaster, stucco wall of 17555.7 square meters. The main content of the transformation of infrastructure: first, to complete the 3280 meters of drainage maintenance, so that the villagers of domestic sewage production water and other effective treatment. Two road and pavement maintenance of 800 meters, road hardening of a long distance of 400 meters, width of 4 meters. Three is the lighting project, installation of solar street lights 67. Four greening projects, afforestation project of 1500 square meters, the main garden Huai, clove, flowering plum and other flowering shrubs. Five is the construction of new village village activity center, service center (including supermarkets, service hall of 543 square meters). Six is the village activity center renovation. The cumulative total investment of 4 million 200 thousand yuan.


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