Friday the country’s top experts in Xining’s first youth entrepreneurship contest


lasted more than 3 months in Xining first youth entrepreneurship competition, 10 projects and young entrepreneurs in the final this Friday will start ups, a reporter from the Xining municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, will be from Shanghai to experts took the final scene, the selection of outstanding young entrepreneurs in our city.

Since the official launch of the

contest in May, in the University and the community caused a positive response, the Municipal Employment Bureau received more than and 400 projects from the community planning. Competition jury on the entry of the project strictly, according to the player’s business (business) plan to analyze the feasibility of the project and market prospects for assessment, the final selection of 10 projects into the finals.

it is reported that the city human resources and Social Security Bureau has invited a powerful team of experts sitting in the final scene, the relevant person in charge to reporters one by one expert review. Gao Guoming, general manager of Shanghai Chang Information Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai city selected the "thousands of people plan experts" and the Sixth Batch of the central people plan experts "; Zhang Shuyi, executive vice president of Shanghai Finance University Professor, Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship, master tutor, is the main research field of enterprise strategic management, production management, supply chain management and the science and technology innovation; Zheng Jinqiao, chairman of richlink International Investment Co. Ltd., founded in 2004 2008 as richlink international Vantage Capitals Ltd, Bohai stone investment fund founding partner; Wang Shuai, managing director of Oriental Wealth venture Cci Capital Ltd, executive vice president, he is in charge of the Oriental Wealth Ningxia venture capital fund, the scale of 1 billion, at TMT, advanced manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection modern agriculture and other areas of investment; Chen Juemin, the current Department of Fudan Deputy general manager of Technology Park Business Center, YBC youth entrepreneurship mentor, the students start the project positioning, industry analysis, resources docking, market entry has its own unique insights; especially red, chairman of Qinghai Hui margin wood carving craft co. ltd., 2012 by the State Council awarded the "national outstanding individual employment and entrepreneurship" title.

finals will be held in the morning of September 5th Xining radio and television studio hall throughout the recording, the finalists will play through the PPT display, experts questioning, experts from three aspects such as the display, according to the expert team scoring results, selected a first prize, two prize two, third-prize three.


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