Focus on the risk point

– to promote the prevention and control of honest county to achieve effective risk management

chase County in this year to carry out independent risk prevention and control of the pilot work of continuous exploration and innovation, around the risk point, the right entry point, to carry out independent risk prevention and control pilot work, and achieved good results.

around the three heavy one to find the risk point. of 21 pilot towns and units from the three levels of leadership and its members, independent risk point, department and individual independent risk point post independent risk point, focus on major decisions, arrangements for major projects, important personnel appointment, a large amount of funds operation, work responsibilities, business process investigation. Sort out the law enforcement important positions, approval procedures for power to run the risk, to project approval, personnel appointment and fund payment etc. as a key object of supervision and supervision departments to develop detailed control measures, effectively control sooner.

identify problems strong measures. combined with the risk point, identify the starting point to solve the problem, take targeted measures to remediation. is a and carry out anti-corruption education, and build a strong ideological and moral line combination. Combined with the hierarchical teaching post work, carry out the theme of educational activities in 21 pilot Township and units, through the study of "code of ethics", disciplinary regulations and other documents, watch educational films warning, watch the anti-corruption achievements exhibition, organized clean politics education seminars, and further enhance the sense of discipline and sense of honesty in politics. two is the and the economic and social development center task, strengthen the effectiveness of the building, improve the administrative examination and approval system, deepen the work of public affairs. The prevention and control of risk management into the business work, based on job responsibilities, work flow analysis, to further clarify the responsibilities of the standards and requirements, improve the Party cadres of the sense of responsibility, straighten out the work, improve work efficiency, to promote the linkage effect of received low-cost government. Do the implementation of prevention and supervision in the process to carry out the work in process optimization, the program in search of risk in the process to simplify, to promote honest and diligent, fairness and efficiency "with both hands, Liang Shouying, achieve mutual integration, promote the overall development of and strong> is three; < / strengthen cadres daily education combined. The find independent risk point of each job, each link, each post and weak links, and improve rules and regulations, supervision measures, the formation of early discovery, effective management, timely resolve the risk management mechanism of education. To achieve the purpose of education management, but also to help protect. four is a combination of and style building. By identifying risks, so that party members and cadres to effectively identify themselves in ideology, positions, administrative management and business work on the existing problems and shortcomings, to effectively resolve the risks that may occur in the work, to promote the change of the style of Party cadres, to further strengthen the work style construction. five is;

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