Chaoyang District North Street office community to give up the rest of the residents into the water

June 16th, north of the city of Xining Chaoyang Street office Beichuan Hedong Road community workers to give up the rest, looking for someone to Chaoyang Road No. 22, No. 24 family member courtyard to clear the sewer, let the surrounding residents deeply touched.

the first two days of continuous rain, Chaoyang East Road, No. 22, there is always a home in the families of the 24, a rainy day, the yard is filled with a smell. Residents complain, but do not know where the taste is coming from. "Is the sewer blocked?" Zhang Yumei, director of Beichuan East Road community heard the residents complained about the city where Ceng Xiaohua. June 16th, Zhang Yumei came to clear the sewer workers, after finding that, indeed, because the sewer blockage caused by a rain in the yard on the water, but also accompanied by a smell.

and so on after the end of the section and then charge the dredging fee." Zhang Yumei said that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday community staff to give up the rest of the residents to clear the sewer, but the families of these two families are bankrupt families, the community had to advance the cost.


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