At 000 5 toll stations from two

Xining east exit toll station, Mai Xiu toll station, Golmud north exit toll station, lotus Taiwan toll station, buffalo ditch toll station will disappear by 2015 to fight the government to cancel the two road toll charges

sufficient to allow the public to enjoy the fruits of development transportation reform in our province, the maximum benefit to the people, midnight today, according to the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government approved "on the revocation of two government loan highway", the 5 province two government loan highway toll station: Xining east exit toll station, Mai show the toll station, Golmud north exit toll stations, toll stations, Lianhuatai yeniugou toll station will also stop charging. This is the reporter from the Provincial Department of transportation in charge of management department was informed on December 31, 2013.

in accordance with the approval of the provincial government, in 2013 the province gradually withdrawn 6 two government loan highway toll station, the station garden toll station has been withdrawn by the end of August 2013. But at the end of 2013 concentrated revocation of Xining east exit toll station 5 toll stations will stop charging at midnight on January 1, 2014; and the removal of toll facilities and related signs in January 15, 2014; at the same time to restore the road according to the technical standard of highway engineering, to ensure that the road is in good condition. According to statistics, in 2013 the withdrawal of these 6 highway toll stations, one year or may benefit the people of more than 3238 yuan in two.

to 2015 two toll station full cancellation

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