Cure lazy governance party and government organs to go ahead

organs rule lazy governance, its meaning has been beyond the simple organ style building. To cure the lazy is the need of the party’s ruling ability construction.

One of the biggest dangers of

‘s ruling party is the spirit of slacking off, that is, the emergence of the party’s lazy problem. Also in Yanan, the famous democratic party, Mr. Huang Yanpei put forward to the spirit of the party is the biggest danger of the ruling party, Mr. Mao Zedong. He believes that when a party is in power, he always works diligently and carefully. But a long time in power, it can not help but the spirit of slack, ineffective governance, and ultimately led to the failure of governance. In history, the generation of dynasties, a government, a political party will inevitably fall due to mental collapse. Today, our party has gone through more than half a century of governance. Recalling the ruling process, our party is also clearly see the spirit of the problem is being threatened by the party’s long-term power, our party to long-term governance, must start from the party and government organs, under the great efforts to cure the lazy.

party and government organs in the rule of lazy governance should go ahead, from the strengthening of education, to eradicate the ideological roots of the lazy sector. To strengthen the "civil law" and the party and government cadres at all levels of education, to enhance fear the law, which is clear, what can and what can not be to regulate political behavior; to establish a scientific and orderly exit mechanism for civil servants, hard-working person with the opportunity, to the competent person on the stage, to do nothing people with incentives, to do a warning; to perfect the cadre assessment methods, increase the cadres daily work details, lazy situation assessment efforts, increase the satisfaction of the masses in the assessment of the component. The usual although no major mistakes, just muddle along, cadres, should have specific control measures and measures in the annual assessment, Pingxianpingyou and use of cadres; to optimize the internal job settings, job responsibilities the scientific development of each of the cadres, effectively change the internal organs of busy uneven and unclear status; we should conscientiously implement the post responsibility, service commitment system, shouwenzeren system, disposable inform system, time limit system, negative report, shouwenzeren, performance appraisal, dereliction of duty investigation cecgb system, through the system improvement and innovation to plug the lazy behavior space; performance evaluation of government departments, the establishment of the performance objectives, performance responsibility, performance operation, performance evaluation, performance improvement for the government performance management system of the basic framework, from the mechanism and system level For the rule of lazy governance, improve performance plays an important role in ensuring that the window unit outstanding lazy problem, improve the organization of the first threshold image. For a thorough investigation to find problems and the masses found problems, to firmly held accountable, not to be repeated, not to play, "and a warning, an" effect; to strengthen the supervision of the organization, through the investigation and inspection, thorough investigation and other methods, timely detection of lazy problem, urge the rectification, the rectification results. To the society and the service object. In order to improve the masses of governance Yung lazy governance discourse work, make full use of newspapers, television and Internet news media, publicity of government governance Yung lazy governance work, properly respond to social concerns, so that the cadres in this atmosphere to mediocre, not lazy. Author: Liu Hong;

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