National study of the party’s eighteen report and the party constitution knowledge contest Xining Mu


Education Center, the Central Organization Department, the Communist Party People’s publishing house jointly organized network of learning the party’s eighteen report and the knowledge contest results announced recently, the Xining municipal organs was awarded the outstanding organization award.

Eighteen report of

National Party and the constitution of learning knowledge contest started, Xining municipal organs carefully organized in Xining party building network opened the "spirit" in-depth study and implementation of the party’s eighteen column, and the establishment of the contest link, detail online registration and answer method; for all members of the municipal authorities unified purchase "Eighteen party constitution learning reader"; the eighteen report, the municipal authorities as an important part of cadre training and training of party activists, to create a good learning atmosphere, competition. Party organizations at all levels of municipal authorities actively respond swiftly to municipal leaders and units of leading cadres play an exemplary role, take the lead in the answer, the municipal organs belong to 176 Party organizations, 61 units of 4268 party members and cadres and the masses to participate in the online activities of the answer and answer written. (author: Xiao Shu)

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