Coal to gas Xining financial support 32 coal fired boilers have to transform

in order to further promote the smooth implementation of the "blue sky project", to improve the quality of the urban atmospheric environment, in accordance with the municipal government on the city management work fine, the municipal finance earmarked coal gas remediation funds 5 million yuan, mainly to the city’s 32 76.3 tons of steam coal boiler coal gas remediation, to eliminate urban "black smoke", as the city’s "coal to gas" rectification work smoothly laid a solid foundation.

this year, Xining actively implement the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, continue to carry out the "coal to gas" work, to promote the "national environmental protection model city" and "national civilized city" to create work has injected new vitality, the coal gas project implementation, in accordance with the heating period of half a year is expected to reduce calculation coal consumption of 45 thousand and 400 tons, 390 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 2 thousand and 160 tons of soot emission reduction, effective prevention and reduction of atmospheric pollution.

city finance will be in accordance with the "coal to gas" remediation funding arrangements, continue to do the disbursement of funds and security work, truly improve the living quality of the residents of the heating, really good things to the ordinary people, is expected to benefit households up to 12 thousand households, about 380 thousand square meters. At present, Xining city has 512 coal-fired boilers, of which the urban coal-fired boilers 314 units, is mainly used in coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers, living services industry administrative units of coal-fired boilers and coal-fired boiler of small processing enterprises. (author: Xiao Yu City Finance)

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