More and more young people growing pressure on the City Education Bureau Youth League to relieve pre

in recent years, education, interpersonal, family, social and environmental pressure facing more and more young people in our city, causing some of their inner negative emotions together more, is extremely unfavorable to the healthy growth of young people, in order to change this situation, in June 13th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education Committee of the Seventh Congress of a comprehensive deployment to create a healthy environment for the growth of young people in our city.

the meeting pointed out that in the face of all the pressure, interpersonal communication, way of thinking and behavior patterns of young people in our city have been changed greatly. Accordingly, meeting the requirements of the city’s education system to the Communist Youth League Organization armed with scientific theory of the youth, so that they stay away from the unhealthy culture and social harassment, continuously enhance the sense of responsibility and mission; to young people with a wonderful condensed campus culture, and guide them to their ideals and values and the development of the school idea, vision and core values closely together; to educate students to realize their own values and serve the motherland, unite with the people, correctly handle the relationship between individual and collective and society; to lead young people to participate in harmonious cultural creation activities; take the initiative to study and grasp the new situation of the characteristics of the juvenile and youth work; to protect adolescents according to law The legitimate rights and interests of students, the smooth expression of the aspirations of young people, to play the role of young people to protect the role of stress relief for young people, so that they are happy, sunny attitude to meet the daily life and learning. (by boat)


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