North of the city’s first environmental law reporting incentives implemented since March 1st

is involved in efforts to increase environmental protection, strengthen environmental protection work team, Chengbei District of Xining city in combination with the actual situation, the first environmental violations reward mechanism, from March 1st onwards, the implementation of "reward measures" Chengbei district report environmental violations, to encourage public participation in environmental protection supervision and management.

approach provides that once the public found the area of environmental violations, by telephone, website, WeChat, letters, etc., in the form of real name or anonymous report to the epa. Whistleblowers are required to provide the name and address of illegal sewage companies, illegal and other basic information, the North District Environmental Protection Bureau will be accepted for the first time to verify the investigation. Report is true, the north of the City Environmental Protection Bureau will make an administrative punishment for illegal enterprises, and feedback to investigate the situation in the three informants, the establishment of ledger, given informants from $500 to $100 reward. In addition, according to informants to report facts evidence, investigation and degree of the reporting unit degree of harm to the environment, or for reporting and avoid major pollution damage to the environment, the North District Environmental Protection Bureau will be more than 500 yuan to the informer 5000 yuan reward, with the consent of the informants consent, may also be given notice of commendation. North District Environmental Protection Bureau will strictly confidential informants related information, anonymous informants can register a group of six digit password as a bonus check information. (author: Peng Na)

report Tel: (0971) 5133110

report website:

report WeChat: Xining City North District Environmental Protection Agency (qh-bqhbj)

report address: Xining Road, north of the city of Menyuan District No. 31-3 810003


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