Xining industrial and commercial side of the five selling fake and shoddy goods dens

September 8th and in September 9th, the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and the East Branch of law enforcement officers in two days time, the end of the end of the production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods dens 5.

, through a thorough investigation with stalking, the months of waiting, the parties identified a variety of methods such as education, science, Guangzhou East branch business department and other related departments even bargain in the grasp of clues, and more law enforcement officers and the 4 groups have previously entered the key area of palm grip. After two days of fighting, destroyed 39 North Main Street, 71 Road No. 246, No. 125, Republic of South Yida Hotel and other places of production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy tobacco dens 5, seized counterfeit Wuliangye, mutual aid and other famous series of wine 421 bottles of liquor, cigarettes, counterfeit furongwang Chinese brands such as 1027, a total value of up to 260 thousand yuan. (author: Gao Zhanyi)


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