Xining City sing the theme song 12345 support work

Since this year, Xining City Party committee and government at all levels to strengthen the organization and leadership of the yongjunyoushu, cherishing the work, the full implementation of the "12345" support the work of the leadership responsibility.

to support work as the number one project, set up evaluation mechanism of support work. Complete with strong city and district (county) level two support work full-time deputy director of the office of the leading group, set up the organization, the implementation of the support work preparation, personnel and funds. All the support work leading group to work to achieve the "three", the leading group, will hold regular meetings army, military, military joint forum system; master the support work dynamic, research ideas, determine the support work support work theme, support work often crack problems; to strengthen coordination and communication with the government communication, to discuss common support work normalization. To support work in the government work report, to achieve the "four into" into the party committees and governments at all levels and schedule into the social and economic development and military construction planning, included in the annual target management responsibility system, and the scope of performance evaluation of leading cadres into an important part of a civilized city to create activities. Push and support work to achieve the "five place", the mechanism of publicity and education measures in place, in place and perform their duties in place, put in place policies, innovation and performance in place. Establish and improve the government "three-in-one", mass organizations of extensive participation and full coverage support work leading system and network organization.

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