Provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Huarong Asset Management C

6 23, the provincial government and the China Huarong Asset Management Limited by Share Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement, governor Hao Peng met with party secretary, chairman Lai Xiaomin, and jointly Huarong Kunlun Qinghai asset management Limited by Share Ltd inaugurated.

meeting, Hao Peng on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the Lai Xiaomin line to Kunlun Qinghai Huarong Asset Management Limited by Share Ltd founded congratulations, and briefly introduces the Qinghai province and the economic and social development. Hao Peng said, "12th Five-Year" period, Qinghai’s economic and social development has made considerable progress, especially in the financial reform and development has made new breakthroughs, the main financial growing financial products enrich, Finance on economic and social development to further enhance the ability to support and protect the. Huarong Kunlun Qinghai asset management Limited by Share Ltd was established, marking the cooperation between the government of Qinghai and the China Huarong Asset Management Co entered a new stage. At present, Huarong Asset Management Co has developed into China’s largest asset size, profitability, the maximum profit, the highest market capitalization of the largest state-owned financial Asset Management Co. Kunlun Qinghai Huarong Asset Management Co to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of financial, capital, talent and management, deepen bilateral cooperation, expand mutual benefit, to further increase the support to Qinghai, better in improving the local finance organization system, promote financial reform and innovation, to create "play an important role in the positive financial depression" boost the development of economy and society in Qinghai.

Lai Xiaomin to the Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to the financial work and expressed gratitude to the company’s concern and support. He said that as a new strategic platform to support the development of Qinghai Huarong Asset Management Co, Kunlun Huarong Asset Management Co in Qinghai will be based in Qinghai, Qinghai services, support local financial institutions to resolve non-performing credit assets risk, revitalize inefficient, help local enterprises to enhance the value of assets and the value of the enterprise, providing a full range of financial support for the development of enterprises, in order to stimulate the economic development of Qinghai new energy contribution.

Zhang Guangrong said in his speech, the Qinghai provincial government will strive for the development of Kunlun Huarong Asset Management Co in Qinghai to create a good environment, help the company grow in Qinghai, hope, hard skills, innovation, forging a first-class team, according to scientific management, forge ahead, the pursuit of excellence, healthy growth, and make due contribution to economy and society in Qinghai the development of.

according to the agreement, Kunlun Qinghai Huarong Asset Management Co registered capital of 1 billion yuan, mainly to carry out the non-performing asset management, investment, asset management, trust restructuring, comprehensive financial services business, to maintain the local financial stability, support the sound development of the local economy.


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