Qinghai hosted the first international meteorite Summit

6 19, the first Qinghai international meteorite summit held in Xining City, from Shandong, Liaoning, Gansu and other 7 provinces of the meteorite Association, meteorite lovers and enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, the province of meteorite meteorite collectors, China University of Geosciences meteorite experts nearly 100 people attended the summit.

Qinghai is a treasure house of the world recognized meteorite peak, one of the world "four clean zone" in the hinterland of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, high altitude, long hours of sunshine, strong solar radiation, precipitation, evaporation, these factors determine the quality and function of the activity of the Qinghai meteorite, especially the appearance of all better than in other regions, various types of meteorites. Qinghai has a large energy type ice melting Mars meteorite independent meteoroid meteorite tolerance system, trace elements, unique in the country, it has very high scientific value and practical value can not imagine, and that national session of the Qinghai meteorite, meteorite Collectors Association of high level and strong professional also contributed to the the first international summit held in the Qinghai meteorite.


summit is to enable more people to scientifically understand the meteorite, build a platform of cooperation and communication, transaction and detection, make full use of the function of science and technology as the platform of meteorites, the development of industrialization, and to maximize the development and utilization of the health function of the meteorite, meteorite into life, for everyone’s health service. The final summit also reached a consensus, established the "Qinghai International Cooperation Summit Declaration" meteorite, strive for "service The Belt and Road" economic strategy.

meeting the same day, the Qinghai meteorite Museum in Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center officially opened for everyone to better understand the meteorite culture provides a venue.


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