Three Xining County 62 military enterprises build a model village face big change

this year, the city of Xining in the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, efforts will focus on financial arrangements inclined to build the project, 62 projects in the city’s three county village has achieved "big change".

In order to build this year’s

activities and carried out, Xining city from the beginning of the year made clear the overall ideas and construction tasks, the establishment of inspection team to build the village depth weekly quantities, inspection schedule, and helping the situation. At the same time, the introduction of the use of construction funds management approach and a series of systems to ensure the smooth progress of the construction of multi-level. The city’s 62 build a model village project to co-ordinate the integration of rural housing, basic farmland construction and agricultural and rural infrastructure, industrial development, the comprehensive improvement of rural sanitation, basic public service facilities such as 857 projects a total investment of 1 billion yuan, most of the funds have been in place. At the same time, the provincial, city and county financial construction funds invested more than 140 million yuan; with municipal leaders to implement assistance funds 4 million 350 thousand yuan, with military enterprises helping funds and supplies a total of 31 million 933 thousand and 800 yuan discount.

co construction activities, the city of Xining on the basis of the strict implementation of the plan to determine the 11 characteristics of the model village, which, Datong County, Huangzhong, 3, Huangyuan County, the 2. The model village with ethnic characteristics, cultural characteristics and industry characteristics, such as Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Doreen Liangjia Village, strive for the development of small population ethnic groups project, highlighting Tu folk culture; Huangzhong County Li Shan Zhen Liu Shu Zhuang Cun Gang Cha Cun, through the land transfer, the introduction of the project, efforts to support the development of facilities agriculture, seedling production base and other special industries; Huangyuan county and the Pingxiang Peace Village through repair the old mill, the transformation of the old courtyard, the founder of "Nongjiale", and strive to build the special leisure tourism industry etc.. Still in the conditions of the village to improve the construction standards, the construction of the stadium, for the elderly in rural areas to build a platform for sports.

in order to build new homes, build the village people take action and actively participate in the village renovation, garbage removal, village green, environmental purification, village infrastructure construction work, consciously put labor, effectively promoted the "military enterprises build a model village" activities in depth. Among them, from the masses and labor discount 280 million yuan.


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