Xining city Zhaoban released the self reminder

in 2013 the province’s teacher qualification certificate of education and educational psychology examination and the second half of the Xining area higher education self-study exam will be held this weekend in October 19th to 20 in Xining city opened, therefore, Xining city Zhaoban released reminder.

in the second half of this year self-study exam and two science exam candidates in the afternoon of October 18th, to the point where to see the examination; exam day candidates must hold the ticket, identity card and admission examination notice, documents are incomplete or admission; fifteen minutes after the examination candidates barred entry examination for 120 minutes before you play.

candidates enter the examination room, must be security doors and metal detectors to check, please don’t except the answer will use the tools of the items into the examination room, especially not relating to the examination of the contents of the text material or a storage function of electronic devices and mobile phone and wireless communication tools into the examination room, if using either into the examination room not all by cheating. Candidates in the examination process, such as cheating, in strict accordance with the national education examination irregularities treatment.

in addition, candidates in the examination room and to participate in the examination, the center of downtown can take bus lines are: School of Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden (east area): take bus 2, 35 road vehicles to Cao Zhai Qinghai east station; Kunlun middle school (East District): take 21, 23, 31 bus to the station by car or Kunlun middle school 1, 2, 10 road vehicles to the east door slightly stop; twenty-eight in Xining (east area): take 5, 17, 20, 22, 32, 33, 35, 101, 106 road vehicles in the village stop; one in Xining (city, District): Take 1, 2, 9, 22 41 road vehicles to view Gate Street station; twenty-two in Xining (east area): take 2, 10, 35, 102 road vehicles to the Qinghai National University Station; Xining Hui middle school (East District): take 21, 31, 81, 85, 86 road vehicles to stop Hui middle school. (author: Chen Jun)

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