Wang Yubo creating the city will be strict accountability

How to look at the residents of the residential buildings to see how the environment, farmers market to look for ways to upgrade the management of the market, the city and the countryside looking for a messy joint…… Yesterday, the Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of Tong Wang, went straight to the city hit the hardest hit, the use of a full afternoon unannounced visits. Wang Yubo stressed that the creation of the national civilized city, municipal government is a diligently strive after the goal, the city’s comprehensive competitiveness assessment, is the inevitable requirement of economic and social development, and it is also an important measure to improve the people’s livelihood. Therefore, in spite of the city’s work has achieved a historic outcome, but the city can not relax the moment of work. The city must attach great importance to, go all out, clear responsibility, refine the work, to create a first-class performance of Xining and Qinghai to show the level of civilization, to ensure that the national excellent, the province’s demonstration.

Chaoyang West aluminum products plant family member courtyard, family member courtyard, five car factory district, three or four oil automobile factory, Qaidam Road, bridge street market, Beishan market, Wang Yubo, Tong Wang for a walk, see, ask, find the problem, on the effective solution. For unannounced visits in rural and urban interface environment is not clean, individual bankruptcy Jiashuyuan water barrier, part of the site of containment is not standardized, one by one, Wang Yubo asked relevant departments to earnestly rectification, ensure the work place.

Wang Yubo stressed that a city is the provincial government of Xining trust, is the municipal government for the 2 million 220 thousand Xining public commitment. Creative work not only to do, but also to do a good job. First, we must mobilize all social forces to participate in the building and sharing. All localities and departments and units and cadres at all levels, to meet a city civilization index inspection of this string stretched tighter, centralized leadership and work force, work together, Jingan quick drying. To fully mobilize the masses, with particular emphasis on the role of the elderly volunteers, young volunteers, student volunteers and other volunteers to maximize. Two to fully implement the responsibility system, enhance the execution. The deployment of the implementation of the work of the city is not in place or ineffective, will strictly implement the responsibility to take public apology, resignation and other accountability. Three to improve the mechanism to reflect the accumulation of civilized city, a good way to create a good city work system, a good system to adhere to long-term. To further implement the system of long street, "three bags" system, inspection system, and effectively achieve the eyes, mouth, hands, legs to. Through the establishment of a long-term mechanism of the city, our city built, well, really do more practical things for the masses, for the construction of people’s satisfaction with the city of happiness, life of the city to add the punchline. (author: Sheng Nan)


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