Xining city to implement the accountability system

recently, according to the actual situation of Xining City, formulated the "create a national civilized city of Xining city work accountability Interim Measures", defined the main responsibility in the building to create a national civilized city does not actively fulfill the government and municipal leading group for a city to create a civilized city work instructions, major decisions and arrangements, work arrangements and because of their dereliction of duty causing adverse effects and consequences, will be held accountable.

reporter from Xining city assessment office learned that the "measures" provisions of the following four situations, the accountability will be accountable to the object of accountability to make a written examination, informed criticism, admonishing conversation, ordered the suspension and out of position, resignation or ordered to resign in five ways of responsibility people. One is in the region, the Department did not complete the "national civilized city evaluation system", "Xining city civilization index evaluation system of task decomposition table" "Xining City, ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation system, task decomposition table" "Xining city volunteer service evaluation system task decomposition table" target task; two is local, departments are not required to complete the task of "2010-2014 in Xining city to create a national civilized city work plan" and a city of the annual target task; three is not within the specified time according to the city, a city office is required to complete the rectification task, adverse effects or consequences; the other four are not actively fulfill a city duty behavior. Where the adverse effects and consequences, the main responsibility for the leadership and direct leadership of the city management cadres, should resign. I do not resign, will be ordered to resign, to ensure that the rigid system of rigid implementation. At the same time, the "procedures" also stipulates that the subject of accountability to cancel year Pingyoupingxian qualifications, do not enjoy the national policies and regulations issued a year-end bonus and annual bonus. (author: Xiao Liu Zhao Huigang)

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