Travel WeChat service platform on the line of the country’s first tourism positioning guidelines for

In order to better serve the tourists, enhance the great beauty of Qinghai, recently, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau WeChat public service account (a) formally launched operations. Through the WeChat platform, passengers will enjoy the location of the mobile phone to find nearby public toilets, a stop booking hotel and tickets and other related travel information interactive services. Among them, the positioning of tourism public toilets guide function is the first national tourism industry services.

it is reported that the Provincial Tourism Bureau to make full use of new media technology, WeChat to build a public service platform, during the trial operation, Lake Qinghai and Menyuan rape flowers flash activities viewed more than a million in the video Tencent. In July, China’s tourism influence in the list of, the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau ranks among the top third.

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