Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning cam

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the "prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning" theme of the campaign, the public security organs at all levels through the streets publicity, publicity materials, into the community to carry out seminars and other forms of universal safety knowledge for the public to prevent carbon monoxide, effectively improve the masses self-protection consciousness.

this year, due to improper heating measures and other reasons, the continuous occurrence of a number of carbon monoxide poisoning incident in Xining. To this end, Xining city public security organs at all levels of public security departments in accordance with the actual conditions of the area, and actively carry out security campaigns. During the event, the community police station within the jurisdiction of a centralized heating free residential areas were examined individually, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county police into the village, into the household, making full use of community advocacy positions increase prevention propaganda work force, to the masses on the winter heating safety protection and winter security knowledge. (author: Li Weijun)


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