This year Xining will invest 5 billion people enjoy the feast of the people of the six

the Spring Festival just ended, the municipal government will end a livelihood feast: this year, the city will invest 5 billion 82 million 310 thousand yuan to promote the six categories of 38 practical livelihood. All along, the municipal government has always attached great importance to the livelihood of the people, sincerely for the city people to do practical, problem-solving things, good things, a series of "people’s livelihood into the real thing", so that people really feel the benefits. And in 2014, the livelihood of the people and what dishes? People can taste what tangible benefits?

feast a

key words: new rural construction

[practical menu]

1 implementation of the new rural greening projects in 50 villages.

2 new village comprehensive service center 8, rural renewable resource recycling network 6; to continue to strengthen the leading enterprises to support efforts to support the 16 farmer cooperatives, the new rural household biogas pool 1500.

3 implementation of the relocation of the village of poverty alleviation projects and the whole village of the project to promote the 86 poor villages in.

4 implementation of the rural environment of the 84 Villages contiguous remediation projects.

5 construction of rural roads 200 km, the construction of rural roads and bridges of the 5.

6 to solve the problem of drinking water safety of the people, improve the irrigated area of 50 thousand acres of farmland, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers to control the area of 50 thousand.

7 new and expansion of the "old and narrow" village (community) integrated office service center ().

feast two

Keywords: urban infrastructure construction

[practical menu]

The implementation of

8 people and road (bridge), expensive Road (bridge), Golog Road East extension project.

9 to complete the existing building energy saving project of 500 thousand square meters.

10 continue to implement the smooth traffic project, start construction intelligent traffic information system; new 5 pedestrian bridges, bus lanes open 20 kilometers, set the road microcirculation of 4 roads, sidewalks isolation 10 thousand meters, open up the broken road 8, the construction of underground parking lot 2; delimit road traffic markings of 80 thousand square meters, set the road traffic signs 100, upgrading the 48 intersection signal lamp, guardrail installation center 6000 meters.

11 in the urban planning and construction of 50 public toilets, upgrading and opening up to the public toilets of the 50.

12 expansion of urban drainage pipe network of 20 km.

13 built fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant.

14 built 1111 bus vehicle video surveillance system, the new opening of the 2 long-distance passenger lines, new tourism passenger vehicles 30 units, the pilot implementation of the taxi call appointment service.

feast three

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