The city under the changing style of the real thing

to the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the office of the name of the document issued by a decline of 12%, two sessions spending fell by 36.7% year on year, official hospitality fell by 35.7%…… Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city of Xining as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, no wait, to focus on the "five early", "the real thing" turn style, earnestly educational practice all the preparatory work, a smooth start to lay a solid foundation for the city to carry out the party’s mass line education practice.

is a comprehensive planning in advance, the work platform to build early. The construction work leading group municipal Party promptly held a meeting to convey learning, comrade Xi Jinping, comrade Luo Huining in the party and the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting spirit; special arrangements for the deployment of the city’s education practice activities in the early work, laying the foundation for the second batch of educational practice in Xining city prepare. Two is to advance learning propaganda, rich carrier atmosphere. On the basis of the Party Central Committee to take the lead in learning, enrich the learning carrier. The city through self-study and focus on learning the combination of discussion and thematic guidance combining forms, contents, implement the provisions required learning time, Party Central Group to take the lead, Xi Jinping, Liu Yunshan, Zhao Leji repeatedly Learning Series speech and other leaders of the Qinghai provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining spirit. Three is an early investigation and study, grassroots ground gas. Carry out the "big research, big visit" activities. Focused around the four winds, educational practice freestyle, carry out to improve the effectiveness of educational practice, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas and other key issues, set up a special research group in-depth primary research, to tease out the existence in the "four winds" reflect the cadres problem 13. Four is to look ahead to the rectification, while searching for the people. In a wide range of grassroots party members to solicit opinions and suggestions of the masses at the same time, adhere to the side of the investigation and reform, 5604 things for the people, and strive to solve a number of ordinary people concerned about the outstanding issues. Five is to solve the problem ahead of time, the positive wind Su Ji practical results. The municipal Party committee issued a timely rectification activities and supporting the "Xining City Interim Measures", "open style further strict work discipline and improve the work style accountability Interim Measures" and other system. Up to now, a total of 52 party members failed to deal with, of which 49 unqualified party members were bright yellow card to correct within a period of time, to the exclusion of 3 party members from the party. Through a series of heavy attack, since this year, the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name fell 12%, with the name of municipal Party committee and municipal government meeting fell 18%, "NPC and CPPCC" meeting expenses fell 36.7%; the city of internal organs and units of 49 publications were cleaned, keep 29 for the integration of the 6, 10, cancel closed; standardizing fiscal expenditure, official hospitality fell 35.7%; the official car purchase costs fell 52%.


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