Xining city built 12 emergency shelter

is the use of emergency shelter in city parks, green space, square, stadium and other open space construction with "integrated design and comprehensive utilization of" public places, is the main place for emergency response to the earthquake disaster and emergency evacuation resettlement victims. The construction of emergency shelter is an important content to improve the ability of comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation, and to improve the construction of emergency rescue system. In 2004, the State Council on the "notice" on the strengthening of earthquake disaster reduction work makes clear that "planning combined with the city square, greenbelt, park construction, set up emergency evacuation routes and the necessary shelter,……". The city is the capital city, with a population of about 2000000, is the province’s political, economic and cultural center, in order to ensure the rapid and orderly evacuation of personnel after the occurrence of sudden disaster events. In 2006, the municipal government issued the "Xining Municipal People’s government emergency public emergency plan", requiring the district (county) government to designate or establish the population density, the size of the city to adapt to emergency shelters.

2007 December, the city took the lead in the construction of emergency shelters. The municipal government issued the "Xining city emergency shelter construction plan" (Ning Zhengban No. [2007]243), the government leadership, overall planning, local conditions, integrated design, safety shelter building principle.


program by the Seismological Bureau of Xining Municipality shall be responsible for organizing the implementation, after 3 years of construction, the construction of the city planning has been completed Xining city square, Nanshan Park, Xining stadium, Huang Le Park, people’s Park, botanical garden, cultural park, Nanliang Ruins Park, the new Ning Plaza, Dongchuan Industrial Park Plaza Nanchuan Road, park, Huangshui Forest Park twelve emergency shelter. The total area of 3 million 456 thousand square meters, with an area of about 1 million 853 thousand square meters, can be temporarily placed about 600 thousand people. The emergency shelter set up unified signs and functional zoning in accordance with national standards, improve the disaster relief command, emergency medical rescue, emergency supplies, emergency shelter area, emergency toilets, emergency power supply and other major emergency functions and facilities.

The establishment of

emergency shelter is the embodiment of practicing the important thought of "Three Represents" and the construction of the harmonious society, is the inevitable requirement to improve our city public facilities, improve the city emergency treatment, it can meet a variety of natural disasters and public safety incident emergency evacuation of the common use. It can not only improve the efficiency of the government’s emergency management, but also embody the concept of people-oriented, the supremacy of life.



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