Ruthless rule Yong lazy luxury Xining city to the sword as

from February 18th to 22, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room two office (Office), organization and personnel departments deployed 24 cadres composed of 9 inspection teams to carry out the "turn style, improve the efficiency of" thorough investigation work, focusing on the 162 municipal units, county departments and units, window service the unit of work after the discipline, the cadres and workers of the mental state have conducted unannounced visits, and in March 1st the city’s bureaucracy thorough investigation briefing.

unannounced visits from the situation, the units can quickly enter the working state after the spring festival. But in investigations also found that workers in some areas, departments and units of work time off-site, the office door locked, the door no one answered, I do not know the fate of personnel; to work late and leave early, individual staff sleeping at the desk, individual staff watching movies on the Internet; to inform the implementation of the system is not good; individual staff office service indifference stiff in asking relevant questions, aidabuli head, do not lift; individual service department staff rude, poor image, leaning on the chair lying down to chat, the staff has self-assured or supercilious look, loss of organ image; minority area, public transport units mark management system is not implemented or post is not standardized.

in view of the above problems and phenomenon, Xining City Yung, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities leading group requirements, departments and units in the area, make sure to strengthen organizational leadership, effectively solve the loose management, style of relaxation, dilatory, efficiency in the construction of the work style is not high. Effectively implement the post responsibility system, the first asked responsibility system, a one-time notification system, limit the effectiveness of the system, such as the effectiveness of the construction of four systems. The control target organ efficiency construction requirements, carry out self-examination, bianzhengbiangai; seriously investigate the damage to the interests of the masses and damage the environment for economic development to solve the case, not diligent, not cheap, the problem of unfair, enhancing execution and credibility, standardize administrative law enforcement behavior and service.

at the same time, the special rectification activities leading group decided on the same unit within one year two times by the thorough investigation found irregularities, criticized in the city; found three times (including three) above violations, the principal leaders of the unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of accountability. On the poor not to perform, not fulfill or perform their duties, style is not correct, the efficiency is not high, discipline, poor image, damage the state, collective and the interests of the masses against the style and performance of the construction of behavior, will be severely punished, will not be tolerated, shall be appraised units and leadership during the year. (author: Xu Zhifeng Jia Quanjun)

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