Xining to South Asia and Central Asia route is expected to open this year


if the sign of the cosmopolitan city is the flight number and international routes access rate, the capital of Xining is located in the inland areas, is because of a number of international and regional routes open, gradually increasing influence. Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of Commerce, this year, the province will strive to open up a number of international routes, increase the intensity of international flights in Xining.

Provincial Department of Commerce, the relevant person in charge, last year, the province to promote the relevant departments of the port information exchange, mutual recognition of the law enforcement, law enforcement mutual customs clearance construction, and constantly improve the level of customs clearance services. On the basis of consolidating Xining to Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, and in the year to achieve the Xining – Hongkong route navigation.

this year, our province caojiabao bonded logistics center (B) will be the full realization of operation, promote trade in goods, realize caojiabao airport international freight routes opened, the construction of imported fruits, meat designated ports, and actively promote the construction of imported duty-free shops. Strengthen cooperation with the coastal and border ports, efforts to enhance the comprehensive efficiency of ports. Increase support for international routes, and strive to open up Xining to South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia International routes.

in addition, this year, the province will be more convenient business declarations, the province will accelerate the port management information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision, law enforcement mutual aid, service companies, a place to register, more customs clearance measures. Promote the integration of regional customs clearance reform and cross-border electronic port construction, the construction of intensive and efficient, coordinated and unified management of customs clearance pattern.


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