Xining quality supervision system to actively carry out 3 15 law enforcement inspection activities

2012 "3· 15" international consumer rights protection day to the end, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision from comprehensively promote quality promotes a province, the implementation of corporate responsibility system, crack down on fake and shoddy products, services of local economic development, actively carry out the inspection of law enforcement and publicity and consultation activities.

the bureau closely around the "four development" and to ensure food, special equipment and personnel of the "three security" for the bottom line, and actively carry out quality supervision sword "fake agricultural countryside" action, food safety inspection and other activities in key areas. Quality supervision of "fake agricultural countryside" sword action will be based on the actual choice within the jurisdiction of 15 administrative villages, villages and fields, farmers on site to distinguish false knowledge, on-site acceptance farmers complaints, collect clues, pay close attention to kengnonghainong illegal case processing. At the same time, to further expand the "thousands of villages, into thousands of households, pumping thousands of" the scope of activities of agricultural case do quick check, fast, fast food for node; key areas, will carefully organize the dairy products, food additives, alcohol, meat products, edible vegetable oil safety inspection, a heavy increase comprehensive governance. At the same time, increase the enterprise quality supervision business personnel training, improve the law enforcement personnel daily frequency of inspections and urge enterprises to establish and improve the quality and safety control system, strict food source management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. During the event, the Council will further give full play to the role of safety supervision and management team and special equipment safety monitoring platform for various types of special equipment for the whole process, real-time, effective, dynamic tracking supervision. To further strengthen cooperation with technical institutions, organize cylinders, pressure vessel, plant machinery, elevator, recreational facilities, emergency drills, in order to avoid major risk as the focus, for different enterprises, different industries and different regions to further promote the implementation of the classification regulation mode. At the same time, strengthen the "12365" 24 hours of receiving complaints, and timely analysis of clues, early prevention, early detection, early investigation, for Xining city to build the "life of the city, and make a positive contribution to the city of happiness".


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